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11-25-2012 - In Little Rock, Arkansas the Terry Elementary School accepted an invitation from Agape Church to bring elementary
students to see their play 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.' The invitation went out to many schools in the area, many of which have
decided to take students that wish to see the play. Parents were sent notes from the school saying that if they did not want their
kids to attend then they may stay in school. However one parent does not think the school should take the students to any function
with Christmas themes, even if it is optional.

The communications director for the school told Fox News that it is not required that students attend the play
so there is no controversy. However attorney Anne Orsi told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Newspaper that this situation oversteps the line between church and state because the play contains religious content and is in a religious venue.

The one parent has complained and contacted the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. It appears that this person's bigotry against religious views has caused the controversy which could jeopardize all the kids from enjoying a play.

Street interviews by Lomax Report revealed the following reactions:

“It’s our tradition here in the south to celebrate the season, what’s this person’s deal? Are they from the north?”

“Schools shouldn’t promote any one religion but Christmas is a historical part of our culture. I wouldn’t have a problem with my kids going; in fact when I was in elementary school we did a play at the school.”

“It seems that every year someone who has a prejudice against people with religious views sticks their head up and starts whining.”

The play in question, A Charlie Brown Christmas, is a Christmas play that talks about the over-commercialization of the holiday season compared to the original purpose of the holiday. It was the first cartoon shown on television to feature the Peanuts characters and was created decades ago, when bigotry was not compromising the right to freedom of religion.