Christmas Wishes
Christmas holds fond memories for me. As a child growing up rather poor we were warm and had a togetherness that many can only dream of. As the Christmas season neared our mother would drag a couple of huge boxes out of the closet in the utility room that were no longer square, but oval from being stuffed so full of decorations. We hung garland, put up the Christmas tree and I had a special flashing Santa that I hung in the same window each year. The fire glowed warm and we anxiously awaited the Christmas specials like The Year Without A Santa and so on.
For me Christmas really was like the movie A Christmas Story. And yes, I did dream of the BB gun like Ralphie did. Finally I got the darned thing and almost put my eye out (insert chuckle). I remember going back to school after the Christmas break and all us kids told of what Santa had left. Sometimes we made others jealous and sometimes we were the jealous ones, but we all enjoyed Christmas.
The dreams of gifts I had as a child seem to have faded somewhat as I grow in years. Sometimes I find myself wishing I were back as the seven year old boy who got a tree full of Tonkas, but that time will never be back. My parents have both gone on to the Lord now and its just me and my brothers and sisters left to reminisce over those days. As my own son grows older I wonder if he will look back at the Christmases he's had with the fondness that I do? Hopefully so.
Young people today seem to not know what it means to dream about things; hope for something they do not have yet but believe that one day they will. I remember dreaming of the Daisy BB gun that I got. I wanted it badly and had the belief that Santa might bring it to me. In our super-fast culture, with the advancements in technology and easy credit its easy to forget about dreams. Perhaps it would be a good idea to introduce that concept to a new generation, and maybe, just maybe they will understand the fondness that the older generation has for Christmas.
Christmas is not just about gifts though. You can't deny the fact that it does celebrate Jesus Christ. Strangely though He seems to still be a contraversial figure today, even to the point that some use X-Mas instead. But one thing holds certain, on a dark night in Bethlehem a baby was born who changed history and on December 25th each year we celebrate Christmas.My what a wonderful history we have.
Merry Christmas and may your dreams come true this season.
The Lomax Report