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Muslims Violent Once Again In Pakistan: Terror Against Christian Neighborhood

March 10, 2013 – On Saturday 3/9/2013 hundreds of Christian homes were burned in Lahore, Pakistan in a violent response against a man who reportedly blasphemed the muslim religion. The “peaceful religion” – as termed by U.S. presidents Bush and Obama – has once again proved intolerant. Christians were pushed from their homes during the night in order to keep from being killed or tortured.

On Sunday 3/10/2013 about one thousand Christians protested in the area causing a response from police. Tear gas was reportedly used against the Christians and the accused man was arrested. Police are fearful of being perceived as soft on ‘blasphemies’ against islam so an investigation has been opened. Reports say there are sixteen people on death row in the country for blasphemy against islam. Another twenty are serving life sentences. These facts give concern to many around the world about the rise of radical and extremist groups.

In a search of the web the Lomax Report found that extremist groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center commonly label those who speak against islam as promoters of hate. The SPLC lists a page on their site reporting those who are unsupportive of the present administration as “extremist” and cause for concern. Groups considered ‘extremist’ or ‘hate’ groups by Southern Poverty Law Center are the American Family Association (because of their stance against extremist homosexual groups) and the Family Research Council (because they also speak against the homosexual agenda).

Today radical organizations such as the muslim brotherhood and SPLC have their sites set on silencing anyone who dares to speak against extremist groups such as islam or homosexuals. Both groups display tendencies to quash the right of free speech and promote bigotry against those who hold traditional moral values as those only a generation ago. Although the Family Research Council does not promote and American Family Association do not promote abuse or maltreatment of homosexuals, they are listed as groups of concern by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

By mid-April the Lomax Report will issue a report on extremist groups that are presently being researched. While the SPLC does list some legitimate hate groups on their site, other groups listed cause one to scratch their head and wonder just what their aim and agenda are.
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