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POLITICS AS USUAL WITH CHRISTIE, CLINTON: Benghazi-gate & Bridge-gate cause both to stumble

February 2, 2014 – Today Republicans went on the offensive for Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey. Rudy Giuliani appeared on “Face the Nation” and Republican Paul Ryan appeared on ABC’s “This Week”, and publicly defended Christie. Both took aim at two central figures in the investigation: John Wisniewski, who's leading the investigative probe, and David Wildstein, the former Christie loyalist who as an executive at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey last year ordered the lane closures.

The debacle started as someone within Chris Christie’s office ordered the closure of three lanes of the George Washington Bridge, causing extreme delays. Christie is under scrutiny that he either ordered, or knew of the order, to close the bridge in retribution against a Democrat mayor who was vocal against him. Christie has denied the accusations, but it appears that his status before the public is diminishing as more evidence comes to light on the manner in which Christie operates.

All this comes after Republicans were very vocal against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration following the Benghazi murders in which an American embassy in Benghazi, Libya was destroyed and an American ambassador murdered. Clinton has been accused of flubbing the incident and leaving the embassy unsecured, then covering up by using Obama administration officials to blame the incident on an obscure YouTube video. It has since come to light that the Benghazi incident was strictly an act of terrorism and that a cover-up had possibly taken place.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been guilty of improprieties over the past twelve years. Republican’s claim of WMDs in Iraq proved to be false, and the evidence they quoted as factual was proven to be shaky at best. Obama’s healthcare claims of keeping your insurance, keeping your doctor and such have proven to be outright lies and now the Christie incident may prove to leave him with mud on his face.

Democratic leaders as well as Republican leaders have been scrambling to save face with the American people. Citizens of the U.S. have begun a trend, leaning toward Tea Party, third party, and independent candidates, leaving the two obsolete parties feeling the pain of the public turning away from them. In 2013 Republican leader John Boehner expressed frustration at Tea Party congressmen who refuse to march to Republican party drums. It has become apparent that the two parties are losing power, as the American people are increasingly supportive of independent leaders in congress.