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Canadian Man Dressing As Woman Files Complaint For Not Getting Genitals Waxed; Now Wants Topless Pool Party For Youngsters 12 Years Old

July 25, 2019 - Jonathan Yaniv, a Brazilian immigrant living in Canada has filed a grievance with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, causing a small business to close. Jonathan Yaniv, now going by the name Jessica Yaniv, has filed the complaint because an esthetician has refused to wax his male genitals. Yaniv is a male transvestite who is ‘identifying’ as a woman. It is believed that the cost per esthetician would be around $20,000 each to fight the claims, and Yaniv has filed the complaint against 11 estheticians.

On July 22, 2019, reports say that Yaniv has requested a topless pool party for kids 12 years old and that Yaniv has expressed interest in the menstruation of girls 10-12 years old. In a Canadian lawsuit in 2000, it is approved that women may choose to go topless in public. However, the party will be for young children and parents & caregivers will be prohibited from attending.
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