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Can muslims Assimilate To American Culture or Must Western Culture Change To Accommodate?

An Analysis Of Current Events:

September 10, 2013 – A California teenage muslim working for Abercrombie & Fitch filed a federal lawsuit because she refused to remove her head covering while at work. The company has a ‘look policy’ which regulates how employees should dress while on the job. Hani Khan, an eighteen year old muslim had been asked to remove the head covering, refused and was subsequently fired. Abercrombie & Fitch offered the job back as long as she did not wear the head covering and comply with company policies. Kahn worked in the Hollister store in San Mateo, California when the event took place. She says that she hopes the lawsuit will change the company’s policies. However, must a private company alter its expectations, operations or policies because of the muslim religion?

If a muslim applied and gained employment at a pork processing factory cutting pork chops or pork roast, should the company quit the pork business to accommodate the muslim who cannot handle pork? Or should the muslim have sought work there in the first place? And does Kahn’s attitude reflect that muslims do not want to assimilate but change the culture of the U.S.?

One must consider whether or not any type of employee orientation was given so that Kahn was aware of the company’s rules. Did she receive orientation? If so, knowing those rules, should she have continued her employment there knowing she would not comply with those rules? What responsibility does Kahn have in trying to assimilate into the western culture? Or should Americans be forced to give up their culture to accommodate one muslim?

In the past muslims have vowed support of a program called Fatah, which means ‘infiltration’. Instead of assimilating into a culture, muslims would immigrate, reproduce, recruit until they change the host country to suit their religion. Much the same way cancer alters the body or scar tissue alters the surface of muscle or skin tissue. But can leftists and humanists comprehend this?

Humanism is irreligion which does not acknowledge one’s spiritual or religious direction. In that absence any dialogue must be on the lines of a social-economic philosophy. But the problem with understanding problems in middle-eastern cultures is that you cannot explain without acknowledging the impact of religion on the cultures of that region. And that may be a far grasp for many in the west because humanism has overtaken much of the culture of the United States. Which may be why accommodations are made for other cultures, such as muslims, and bigotry exhibits toward Christians in the United States.

Note: This article was not caused by a YouTube video.
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