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TransmiTV Documentary: Black Trump supporters called 'racist', 'Uncle Tom' speak out. A call for unity.

September 13, 2016 – On August 6th TransmiTV released their documentary “Black Trump Supporters Called Racist; A Call For Unity” by posting to their YouTube account for the world to see. In the video many Donald Trump supporters are interviewed, expressing why they support Trump and the backlash that has occurred against them. In the interviews African Americans express that they feel that race-baiting has been going on among the Democrat party and its supporters.

During a recent money-raising event, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump supporters a ‘basket of Deplorables’ and has also used race as a tool to make African Americans vote for her. Clinton’s supporters have continually harassed supporters of Donald Trump during campaign rallies and have numerous times used violence.

Over the past few weeks polls have shifted dramatically in favor of Donald Trump, in part because of minority groups shifting toward Trump. Following Bernie Sanders’ flip to supporting Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party has offered a cold shoulder toward his supporters. During the recent polling Latino and African-American groups have come out in support of Donald Trump in hopes of finally gaining national unity and economic advantage.