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April 13, 2016 – Today Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger gave staunch defense of RNC insiders for their efforts to thwart the campaign of Donald Trump. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the congressman from Illinois defended RNC insiders by telling Wolf Blitzer “I don’t know if it’s fair, but it’s how it’s done”, in defending Republican insiders. “Our party is trying to decide what it stands for” he also stated.

In past days Donald Trump has spoken out against efforts of Ted Cruz for attempting to barter votes from Republican delegates. In Colorado, although no election was held, deals were made for all of the state’s Republican delegates to cast votes for Ted Cruz. Appearing sideswiped by the backroom deals, Trump expressed concern that the 2016 election cycle was being rigged and disenfranchising many voters. Because of Republican rules, although Trump won the majority of votes in Louisiana by citizens, the bulk of the delegates committed to Ted Cruz.

Reports of Marco Rubio teaming with Ted Cruz to sway delegates in Arkansas came out a few days ago. Rubio, a former presidential candidate, was unable to win his own state and has since asked a pro football team for an executive position in the event he exits politics. No word yet if anyone is interested in hiring Rubio, although concerns have been expressed on whether or not Rubio is employable, Ted Cruz appears to be teaming up with him to broker deals behind the scenes. And Rubio’s reappearance on the stage is of particular concern being that Kinzinger, who was a supporter of amnesty, endorsed Rubio’s failed campaign. Reports of Adam Kinzinger’s close ties to John Boehner may indicate a reason for his strong defense of political insiders.

One question yet to be answered is “why is the Republican party just now trying to decide what it stands for?” And the RNC's willingness to cut backroom deals to thwart the will of the citizens, leaves many wondering if the Republican Party can be trusted, no matter what they say. "Career politicians; they'll say and do anything" commented one person in a street interview.
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