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Army Labeled Christians and Catholics With Terrorists: Southern Poverty Law Center Named

April 7, 2013 – While giving a brief on Equal Opportunity extremism, a U.S. Army instructor labeled Christians and Catholics as extremist, grouping them with terrorists. An Army Reserve unit in Pennsylvania was being trained, presented with materials and a slide show on the subject when the instructor made the statements. Also in the presentation the trainer stated that
“islamophobia” is also extremist. A soldier in the group obtained a copy of the presentation and gave it to the Chaplain Alliance, lodging a complaint.

After the complaint, the instructor deleted the slide and apologized. He said that the information was found while doing internet
searches, preparing for the subject matter. The presenter also said that a large part of that information came from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) website. The SPLC is an anit-Christian bigotry organization that labels any traditional-thinking person or group as extremist. However in fairness it should be noted that the SPLC also labels the KKK and other truly extremist organizations as such. Looking at their website their anti-Christian bigotry is overt.

Army spokesperson George Wright reported that this was an isolated incident and the material was not sanctioned by the Army. He also said the material included in his presentation was done so without anyone in the U.S. Army chain of command
authorizing it. Wright said that the case is considered closed since the corrections have been made.

This incident and others have sparked criticism of the military in what many consider a “cleansing of Christianity” from the ranks. Orders were given an one point at a base in Afghanistan as a result of a complaint lodged by an atheist. One would have expected such from a muslim but the complaint was lodged by a U.S. soldier, sparking the military to board up cross shaped windows and remove a cross from the steeple of a chapel. Some have questioned if Christians in the military are being driven underground as a result of bigotry against their religion.