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ALL NEWS CHANNEL: A Real News Channel
October 24, 2012 - All News Channel (ANC) was the best news channel on cable and satellite from 1989 until it closed shop in 2002. With no partisan leanings All News Channel delivered news from across America and around the world in thirty minutes.


With a small bureau in Washington, D.C. providing world and government news, and affiliates in practically every state in the U.S., the viewer was up on all the news. With excellent anchors such as Barton Eckert and Stan Turner, All News Channel churned out news, weather and sports each thirty minute segment.


Local TV stations across America uploaded their big story of the day and All News Channel would broadcast them, giving the station credit. A local TV station would provide weather.


All News Channel (ANC) did not include discussion, debate, ‘analysis’ nor arguments. They provided news, just the news. After a thirty minute segment the viewer knew everything that was happening across the United States and around the world.


TV networks like ABC, CNN, HLN, FOX and MSNBC each have strong partisan slants to the way they report the news. These leanings are not liberal nor conservative, but are geared toward the advancement of particular political parties and agendas. Even the old standards like ABC, NBC and CBS have fallen prey to partisan leanings in their broadcasts. All News Channel (ANC) may not have provided the ‘giga-bucks’ for their owners, but they sure had it right when it came to the news.


Each day, after watching the evening news, I go away longing for the news, just the news- straight from America’s hometowns. All News Channel.


Darn I miss Barton and Stan.