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About Us: Why The Lomax Report is Online

The Lomax Report serves Hometown Americans with common sense news and information. Our staff works to cover news around the world and from America's hometowns, without slant, bias, and objectively.


Over the past decades partisan politics have skewed reporting of news. When our senior staff members were in school for journalism in the 1980's, digging for the truth was the center-piece of journalism. Today's news reporters have dwindled to little more than writers of opinion pieces and 'hit pieces' against politicians they do not like, while turning a blind eye to those they support.


Progressive Socialist Globalism appears to have taken over traditional news agencies. Networks like CNN, ABC, NBC and so on are examples of what happens when journalism is replaced with opinion pieces written from the basement by 'freelance' writers. Facts are seldom present in those news agencies these days, and this is where the Lomax Report is set apart.


America First: At Lomax we are proud to be Americans, proud of our nation, and still stand for the National Anthem.