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May 12, 2013 – A watchdog group’s report showing that senior officials at the IRS were aware of the agency’s targeting of conservatives has surfaced, making many question how far the Obama administration is willing to go against those who oppose their ideologies. It was found that as early as 2011, before the 2012 elections, the IRS was harassing and targeting conservative groups applying for tax exempt status.

On Sunday’s Fox and Friends one commentator mentioned that patriotic or conservative groups applying for tax exempt status were hit with a barrage of requests for information such as donor lists, information on relatives of the organizations members and other personal, non-relevant, very intrusive information. This makes one consider whether or not the IRS is planning a lash-back against those who oppose the ideologies of the far left, which has been a mainstay of support for the Obama administration.

Thus far the Obama administration has downplayed the situation as only a few rogue agents, but information is showing that senior officials within the IRS knew the practice was ongoing. The question is, how far is the Obama administration willing to go against citizens who oppose the Democrat party? Some have questioned if this is the beginning of an oppressive effort by government agencies against citizens, similar to that of Russia during the cold war.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine has said that “president Obama needs to make it crystal clear that this is totally unacceptable.” Any group applying for tax-exempt status that stands for the bill of rights, patriotic themes or conservative ideology was targeted. This marks the third scandal that has loomed on the present administration within the past month.

Congressional hearings last week revealed that the Obama administration and State Department outright lied to the public regarding the Benghazi attacks. Also other information has come to light regarding the two brothers who perpetrated the Boston bombing attacks, showing severe neglect on federal agencies. Now this third scandal involving the IRS has come to light, casting shame on the Obama administration.

Upcoming concerns for the administration is an immigration reform bill, being billed as “bipartisan”, which contains the formation of a “photo tool” which could be used extensively to gather biometric information on adult citizens of the United States. The information would then be maintained in a database linking the biometrics to social security numbers, addresses and other personal information.
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