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9/11 In Remembrance: What’s Happened Since

An Analysis of Current Events

September 11, 2013 – On September 11, 2001 muslim extremists flew jets into the World Trade Center buildings and the pentagon. In Pennsylvania another jet was taken nose-first into the ground while passengers acted to regain control of the airplane. Since those days many things have happened, but have the reactions been knee-jerk, correct, or mislead?

Dumbed Down – Throughout the latter 1980s and through the 1990s you may recall hearing the term “ethnic cleansing” constantly in the world news each night. Ethnic Cleansing amounted to muslims killing, torturing, beheading and raping those who refused to convert to islam. However American news organizations, particularly network news, and Federal agencies refused to call it anything more than the vague term “ethnic cleansing”. In reality the action taken by muslims had nothing to do with ethnicity, but islam. When secular humanists discuss problems using a philosophical irreligious socio-economic reasoning, they incorrectly identify root causes. When a religion IS the root of the cause, irreligion has no means of identifying the problem, thus humanists default to ethnicity in the case of Islamic terrorism. And the public seems to have little understanding of the terminology used, which is why one must seek to understand root causes in world issues.

Patriot Act – Following 9/11 patriotic emotions ran high, and even leftists sided with Republicans in authorizing an attack on Iraq. But before all that, immediately after the disastrous events, executive orders created the Department of Homeland Security and congress quickly passed the Patriot Act. While a ‘tidying up’ of the laws on security was a must, little scrutiny took place of the Patriot Act. During the G.W. Bush administration it seeded that Americans’ liberties and freedom took a back seat to war. And under the Obama administration the same political ideology was taken to even a further extreme. Take for instance the NSA leaks by Snowden. When information from Snowden’s treasure trove of information went out, nations around the world were astonished at the lengths of spying that the U.S. has taken. Even in the past few months it has been revealed that news agencies such as AP, Fox and others were being spied on. Even personal phone information was taken during that scandal. So is the patriot act really patriotic? Not really. American lawmakers are passing new regulation left and right without even knowing what’s in it. And with each new law a freedom is lost on the other end of the spectrum.

Afghanistan – Following 9/11 George W. Bush’s administration sent a handful of troops to Afghanistan in a supposed search for Osama Bin Laden. Each step we took a little too late and he escaped the search parties. However an early move was to install Hamid Karzai as leader of Afghanistan, whose early move was to authorize an oil pipeline which the leaders of Afghanistan had previously blocked. Our military was unable to find Bin Laden, but we were sure able to secure the oil pipeline authorization quickly.

Iraq – The U.S. heard about a notorious Axis-Of-Evil that existed from President Bush during the aftermath of 9/11. It was apparent that attacking Iraq was a must to secure freedom and liberty for the citizens of that country, thereby making us safer here in the U.S. Iraq was supposed to have weapons of mass destruction laying around everywhere. To hear the speeches you’d think that it was almost impossible to walk down the street without tripping and stumbling over a WMD. In the end it turned out to be a snafu. We saw to it that Sadaam Hussein was hung and gave the country a humanist-style constitution. Watching the 700 Club one night I saw military personnel dressing in flac jackets, military rifles and helmets only to find that these were not military personnel, but deacons at Christian Churches. According to the report Hussein provided security for Christian houses of worship on Sundays to prevent any attack. But since Hussein was hung and a new constitution was in place, that no longer took place. You know, the old “separation of church and state” bit was handed out and Christian citizens were left to their own demise. So, has Iraq really benefitted from American interference?

Benghazi – Following the Benghazi debacle, Obama administration officials went live blaming the compound attack on a little known, obscure YouTube video. No normal thinking citizen fell for that one. Even a third grader could’ve seen through that lie. And then in the hearings, leftist icon Hillary Clinton made her infamous “what does it matter” speech. What does the past eight to ten months say about how our government is being run? It appears that a group of sanitation workers may have taken the helm and the inmates gained control of the asylum. During the past ten months the current administration has endured many scandals, yet congress appears lost and does not know what to do. The FBI cleared the Boston Bombers as a non-threat, NSA Scandal, AP wiretapping scandal, IRS scandals, Benghazi, and the list goes on. If leftists hated Bush, then they should be weeping over the current mess.

Syria – Reports from in 2012 mentioned that Qatar is one of the richest nations on the planet in natural gas. The report mentioned that Qatar wanted to build a pipeline to connect to an existing pipeline in Turkey which ties into Europe. That would allow Qatar to market their natural gas in Europe, but the current Syrian regime has blocked attempts to build the pipeline. However, the rebel forces, Al Qaeda associated as they are, have vowed to allow the pipeline should they gain control of the country. In light of this many are wondering if the Syrian conflict is really about chemical weapons or WMDs? Life goes on in America and another 9/11 remembrance will come and go, but what does the future hold? This morning news reports tell of a large car bombing in Benghazi. What will the rest of this day bring yet alone the rest of this decade?

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