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2013 IS A NEW YEAR: Will Changes Be For The Better?
An Analysis of The Coming Year And How It Affects You

December 30, 2012 – After the ball drops on new year’s eve the dawn of a new year will begin. 2013 is sure to be as filled with interesting news items as this year was, but some will dramatically effect you and every other American.


Taxes - – when the new year dawns, if congress has not come to a budget deal, taxes are sure to take a hike. But no matter the deal, you will be missing more from your earnings simply because of the new healthcare plan, Obama-care. When the supreme court ruled that the healthcare law was really a tax, every American will feel the pinch in one way or another. Congress and the Supreme Court have moved the nation closer to mirroring that of Europe and other lesser nations like Great Britain. Should a deal be reached, well you will still feel a pinch.


Lou Dobbs pointed out in his Chalk Talk episode of December 10th that the difference to the bottom line between Obama and Boehner’s plans is little. Obama’s plan will increase taxes on the upper income brackets while expanding the size of government. Boehner’s plan will choke social security (which doesn’t even effect the bottom line) and also Medicare for the elderly while catering to the upper class. Dobbs pointed out that both plans create almost the same amount of deficit.


Gun Control - Obama has mandated that congress address the issue of gun control almost simultaneously with the budget crisis. The second amendment may fall prey to U.N. policies which surely would supersede our own constitution and in effect put a dent in the sovereignty of the United States.


Foreign Policy - – the policy of aid to other nations, sustainable development (Agenda 21), and appeasement to muslem policies are sure to continue. With the ultra-liberal left wing extremists in power our policies of catering to special interests are sure to continue. The ultra right wing extremists are sure to continue to cause stalemate as well.


New Direction? - in the coming year Americans will see things as never before. The Wingers (left wing/right wing extremists) are sure to continue to bankrupt the nation while wining and dining on the back of tax paying citizens. Both parties seem bent on cowing to the United Nations policies which can eventually supersede our sovereign Constitution. Could 2013 be the year for Americans to wake up and stop putting the devastating two main parties in office? We'll know in the next election cycle.